How the employer works and functions

First, register on the website and complete your information. Then from the Projects section of your user account menu, click Add Project and continue …!

Your project will be approved by the management within 24 hours after registration.

After registering the project, freelancers will send you an offer, choose the best freelancer from them and start working.

  • If your project does not attract the attention of professional freelancers, you will not receive a good offer. Try to spend enough time to create your project.

    Select title: Choose the right title for your project. An appropriate title is one in which the freelancer immediately understands the meaning of your project and is interested in examining the details of your project.

    Budget selection: Be careful in choosing the budget. If your budget is too low, good freelancers will not be interested in submitting a proposal on your project.

    With a little research and search you can easily find the right budget for your project.

    Choosing the right skills: Choose the skills that your project requires. Freelancers who have the skills to do your project will not be selected if they choose the wrong skills.

    Project description: Carefully enter what needs to be done for you. Write down the details that are important to you as much as possible. You can attach a project file. The description should be such that the freelancer can estimate the time of your project so that she can offer a reasonable price for doing it.

    Freelancers like to work with employers who know exactly what they want. If you do not have enough information, create a project so that experts can give you the necessary guidance.

    The literature used in the project text also has a great impact on receiving more professional suggestions.

The text of the project or the title of the project may not be appropriate and the freelancers may not have understood the purpose of the project, the job you want to require special expertise, freelancers who specialize are currently working on other projects and can not send a proposal on your project Or your project budget is too low.

The literature you use in the project description is also very important. Be sure to keep all of these in mind.