Are you an employer?

First, register on the website and complete your information. Then from the Projects section of your user account menu, click Add Project and continue …!

After registering the project, freelancers will send you an offer, choose the best freelancer from them and start working.

Your project will be approved by the management within 24 hours after registration.

Are you a freelancer?

Register on the website first. Enter the account information section from inside the user profile and complete the items.

After registering the user information, our partners will confirm your account within 24 hours.

Click Project Search from within the website menu. Find your desired projects from this page based on your desired items.

General questions and queries

In the user panel, you can delete the user account from the account settings section.

  • After blocking the account, there is no way to return.
  • If the account is blocked, it is not possible to re-use information such as email, night number and phone number confirmed in this account in another account.
  • Once blocked, your projects or comments and ratings will not be deleted, they will only be displayed anonymously.

The employer pays to the freelancer through the secure payment of the freelancer Pars, ie the employer makes the payment to the freelancer Pars, and whenever he receives the project and is satisfied with the result, he releases the secure payment and the freelancer Pars takes the amount into account. Freelancer transfers.

Pars Freelance Safe Payment is designed to protect the employer and the freelancer. All payments in Freelance Pars must be made through secure payment. Any request for payment outside the site is against the rules of the site and in case of any problem, Freelance Pars will not accept any responsibility.

The freelancer can send a secure payment request to the employer when submitting the offer and on the project desk, and the employer can accept or reject the request. The employer can also make a secure payment for the freelancer as much as it deems appropriate.

If the secure payment is released before the delivery of the work, Freelance Pars will not accept any responsibility.

Also, the freelancer must deliver the project after securing the full amount of the project as a secure payment. If the project is delivered earlier and the employer does not create a secure payment, it is the responsibility of the freelancer.

All messages in Pars Freelance are between the employer and the freelancer. You will not be able to send messages to freelancers unless they have submitted an offer on your project. Also, after the message is sent by the employer, the conversation is activated for them and the other party can respond to you.

Iran Bank Account ID (Sheba) is a 24-digit code that identifies a bank account uniquely in the entire Iranian banking system.

This number starts with IR and is followed by another 24 digits.

Each bank account number can be converted into a night number.

You can apply for the correct night number related to your bank account by visiting the bank, ATM or the official website of the desired bank.

You can also find the Sheba number on your bank account.

Some banks also print the Sheba number on the bank cards.

No, Freelance Pars provides all the possibilities of sending messages to the freelancer and the employer. You can easily communicate with the employer and freelancer of your project through the message and conversation system and the free Pars mobile application.

Unfortunately, if you encounter a problem with the opposite user during the project and enter the dispute resolution system, the judges will be satisfied with only the messages in the project and will express their opinion based on it. After that, we want you to do your messages on the site so that the rights of you and the other user are not lost.

If there is a problem communicating for any reason, contact support.

To do this, first enter the settings section in the user panel. In the settings that you will see, you will be able to enter the Sheba number and request a settlement.